Hi, I'm Taylor.

A few things about me. Im 25 and newly married. I live in Moore, Ok with my husband and 5 (yes, FIVE) pets, three sweet kitties and two of the cutest dogs you've ever seen. But maybe I'm bias ;) I am in love with my maker. I use oils for  e v e r y t h i n g. literally. I work full time and spend most of my days driving around the great state of Oklahoma, working in different courthouses doing mostly boring things, but my nights and weekends are spent doing what I love: PICTURES. I'm hoping to become a full time photographer, but that will come at exactly the right time. I spend my Wednesday nights at Life.Church SOC where I lead a small group of girls that I'm pretty much obsessed with. I started my photography career 2.5 years ago, but 2017 was my first busy year of weddings. It was wonderful and hard and more than I could've hoped for. I know this new year will be full of new experiences and crazy in love couples. I hope you're one of them.